Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!

Itty Bitty Orange Fused Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings ER406

Nope...I didn't make those earrings,...but aren't they gorgeous....I found them on Etsy ,made by a fused glass artist Gloria Lynn. I really find them tempting and probably might click the buy button soon. There are others too which caught my the ones here..
Contemporary Gold Dichroic Fused Glass Earrings ER396

Sweet Red Fused Glass Pendant - Z105
But for now ...I am happy archieving them on my blog....Have a Nice Weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did I tell you I paint too! :)

How have you been other wise my friends , I don't see you here that often , or may be my postings aren't interesting enough these days to compel you to comment : ) Let me know what would you like to see here...because unless I   hear from you.. blogging   isn't that much Fun !:)
So as I wait to hear from you...Let me show you some of the work I did in the past...
I think around Dec last year when I just bought my Canon rebel T2i....I clicked some of these pictures to experiment ...and practice...I thought I had posted it ...but no here it is ...a glimpse

of some of my artwork and my clicks...

a click of some design mag cuttings and a hand painted (by me ) lady bug tucked on a cork borad in front of the study table..because it's a close up just see the subject...


 a handmade glass souvenier I picked up from one of my visits to cape may long back...clicked in the evening time..

Few of my paintings acrylic...some of them inspired from web..sources unknown..

Pansies ..I made them with water color in 2004 ..
This one is a Madhubani Radha Krishna I made with colored pencils and crayons way back in 2007 :) One of my favorites :)
Leave me a note if you liked it...I would love to hear from you :)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Before and After's! :)

Something new to share, just painted a  room of mine yellow, fresh from Mexico this color was on my mind since I returned. Since previously all my house was painted with a shade of off white..its actually a different experience seeing color on the walls..still getting used to it , and I must say I am liking it too..... :)  I also  feel that some of the accessories which were hung or put on wall previously did not get that much attention,  as they get now.... because the background has changed and become more vibrant.

Here are a few pictures I clicked ...the decor part is still in progress , but thought of sharing the WIP with you :)

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tribute to Mr. MF Hussain continues ..

If you scroll down you will see that I just recently did a post on Mr. M.F. Hussain . One of my friends , reader and co- blogger Soumya Gopal was going through it and she felt that she also wanted to share some of her thoughts and memories on this ...She is a fashion designer by profession and recently started blogging. So I thought why not and invited her to share her thoughts. She has also written this post on her blog which you can find here as well as go through the other posts she has made. This post is about her memories of a museum call "Cinema Ghar" showcasing his work which she visited as a student when she was studying Fashion at NIFT Hyderabad.Read Soumya's words.

Cinema Ghar!

As i read this blog on M F Hussain, on could not resist myself but write about his "Cinema Ghar" , an unconventional museum cum residence of M F Hussain located in the posh Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. I as a student got the opportunity to visit this creative den .

The building of "Cinema Ghar" is quite magical in itself with M F Husain's trade mark sketches cut out on the building. Its not like an ordinary museum , with dead facts instead it has live paintings on the walls and the moving images of song and dance on celluloid. There is a big library dedicated to arts and films and a 40 seater cinema theater for preview . There is a special section too devoted to making films without sound and colour, like in the early history of indian cinema . Overall i would say Cinema Ghar was his way to celebrate life on canvas and silver screen. After visiting this place my respect for him was beyond words.
During our visit i also saw some special things Hussain has done beyond paintings, his furniture. He designed some unique furniture made out of wooden logs . They were unfinished and unpolished but very modern . The hangers in his wardrobe which no one has even written about....were as creative as his paintings.
Even though i never took any pics when i visited Cinema Ghar as a student...i still have its image in my mind....his life size paintings of Gaja Gamini, horses, Ganesh and many more....while we were leaving the "Cinema Ghar"...we were told we could leave a note for Mr. M F Hussain in the visitor's diary. We all took our own time writing praises about the painter , one of our classmates even drew his caricature .....But whatever we could have written or people can ever write about him ,he was undoubtedly the" Picasso of India" and has influenced the whole generation of artist in our country. May his soul rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing Soumya.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pier 1 imports

I am sure many of you must be very familiar with this one ...Pier 1 is a shopper's delight if you are into traditional stuff, be it accent pieces,artwork and  collectibles, dining accessories and  beautiful sturdy solid wood furniture ....I have been a great admirer of Pier 1 ever since I discovered  it years back ..infact in love with .almost every rustic frame they sell ... and can't help but mention their collection of artificial flowers which is is awesome and beyond words ,'s the snap shot :)

For an option that’s kid-, pet- and reality-friendly, go for metal or rattan vases (less fragile than ceramics). Or display vases in an unused fireplace, away from traffic.

When you mix or match, a sparkly mosaic vase is always an attention-getter. Covered with tiny, hand-painted, individually-cut glass tiles, these vases are true one-of-a-kind creations.
The not so common owl ..Wise Owl Wall Decor

Red Poppies Wall Art

The Door knobs turned into wall hooks ..
Assorted Door Knob Wall Hooks
Small spaces. The final frontier.

All Images

Monday, June 13, 2011

I made some new Jewelry!

I have made Jewelry (earrings,necklaces) in the past, but then somehow stopped doing so for the last couple of years, just the other day got interested again and opened my jewelery making kit , found some sterling silver , bought some beads and made these two earrings :)...this weekend :)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

A tribute to Mr. M F Hussain.

India’s most prominent painter in the recent times Mr. MF hussain is no more . Though the only reason he is not one of my favorite painters is because of his portrayal of Hindu deities in such an insensitive manner. But nevertheless his paintings were and are extraordinary and I certainly feel that he does deserves a tribute from all of us too, who are so much into art in all forms.. He is easily one of the best and most sought after artist from India . His work has been compared to the great Picasso(one of my favorites) and is sold at a very high price. To this day owning an original MF hussain work is a matter of pride for all art collectors in India. And for all those who thrive on prints having a copy of his work is a must.

Multi talented Hussain also directed and produced two hindi movies call Gaj Gamini and Meenaxi with Ms. Madhuri Dixit and Ms. Tabu respectively. Also in news for his musings from time to time, Hussains work adorn many famous art galleries of India and abroad.Hussian was also famous for his paintings depicting horses in various forms, here’s a glimpse of his work...





Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Clicks from My archives!

These are some of the pictures in last couple of years which were taken by my cousins on their trips to various places, when I saw them then ..couldn't help saving them in my own file, Just the other day was randomly going through some of them... I decided to post them on my blog... 

The first two are the pictures of the Alps in Switzerland...

A close up at a Dhalia in New Hampshire..

And this one is amazing isn't it...this is Vermont in fall 2009..

Images courtsey: Karmendra Jain, Animesh Jain and Indranath Bhattacharya.

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